Parish Ministries / Shërbimet Kishtare



William Spiro, Director

Established by Professor Thoma Nasse in 1912, the Cathedral Choir leads the congregation in choral singing throughout the holy lenten and festal seasons in addition to Sunday worship. In 1970, a recording entitled: "MESHA SHQIP: Liturgical Hymns of the Albanian Orthodox Church" was released. Hymnology is rendered in both English and Albanian and includes both byzantine and western music of the Orthodox repertory.



Jovan Green & Theo Dhami

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, altar servers assist the higher clergy during services. They might carry the cross, candles or liturgical fans in processions and entrances.  



Linda Tochka, Director; Lynn Phillips; Corinne Bresse; Kristin Savage; Cynthia Theodos.  

Since 1954, the Cathedral's Sunday School program was organized under Dr. Andrew Elia and later under Dr. Thomas Michael, the program now includes regular classes for youngsters in teaching rudiments of the faith, scripture, sacraments and liturgy. Standard materials from the Orthodox Christian Education Commission and the OCA Department of Religious Education are employed. In addition, field trips to monasteries, museums and teen retreats are held as well as special teen outings and summer camps in cooperation with area dioceses.

The George Atwater Scholar Award honors the memory of the Director who had served for many decades in guiding and overseeing the Cathedral's Church School.  The award is presented to senior students of the Sunday School and Acolyte Programs who have shown exceptional work in class and consistent attendance during the course of the program.


"Daughters of St. George": Edlira Joseph, President; Suzy Toli, Vice President; Marika Mamillo, Treasurer.

Now in its 86th Year, the veteran Ladies organization meets monthly to orchestrate a diverse round of activities for the parish. Memorial Saturday luncheons are hosted at traditional times, in addition to an Autumnal Harvest Bazaar, a Christmas Shoppe, a Spring Flower Fair, Winter Bake Sales, Mid-Lenten Repast, and Summer Excursions. The Daughters assist in church beautification & restoration project and provide religious education materials for the catechetical programs.



George Simolaris, Peter Blushi, Dennis Dhimitri, Ronald Nasson, Peter Toli, Ron Bresse, William Noun, Thomas Evangelou, Dennis Phillips

The ushering staff maintains the candle desk, supervises offertories and the orderly conduct of religious services throughout the ecclesiastical year. They oversee religious processions, fire drills, parking issues and maintain parish safety.


National Historic Register:

Denise Lymperis, Advisor 

Saint George Cathedral is an important architectural edifice which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well being recognized by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, Historic Boston, Inc and The Bostonian Society. Every effort is made by the congregation to treasure its importance as a singular feature of the city's heritage.



Naum Prendo, Robert Ngjela.

Keeping the facilities in good order and repairs is conducted weekly and periodically as needed to maintain the church holdings

St. George Albanian Orthodox Cathedral

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