Ministry Groups

Cathedral Clergy

His Eminence, Archbishop Nikon, Bishop of Boston, New England and the Albanian Archdiocese of the Orthodox Church in America

The Very Reverend Father Arthur E. Liolin, Dean, the Rev Fr. Mark Doku, Associate Pastor, the Very Rev Dr. John Scollard, pastoral consultant, the Very Rev Michael Soter, attached, Very Rev. Sergei Bouteneff, attached and Rev Dennis Nagi, attached, the Very Rev. Stephen Siniari, attached.

The spiritual direction of all divine services is conducted with episcopal oversight by the clergy staff according to the Orthodox Christian tradition and practicum. The bishop is member of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), the autcephalous or self-governing jurisdiction in North America, represented on the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America (SCOBA).

 Cathedral clergy maintain intra-diocesan and communal relationships with other duly authorized Orthodox Christian clergy, parishes and institutions in Greater Boston. Ecumenical endeavors are conducted through the Massachusetts Council of Churches and with inter-confessional organizations in the neighborhood and region. Cooperation is fostered as well with civic and chartitable agencies in the city of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.    


Cathedral Advisory Board

Ardian Rrapi, coordinator, Panion Tase, vice-coordinator,
Paul C. Pando, treasurer, Peter J. Demetre, Dorothy Cornetta,
Nikolin Gace, Sandra Nazzarro, John Brown, Laurie Panariti, Denise Lymperis.
Advisors: Matthew Sotir, Robert Cornetta
Ex officio members from the Archdiocesan Council:
Michael Gregory, Lauren Toli Gregory, Knida Stefani, Cynthia Vasil Brown

The Advisory Board meets regularly to assist the bishop and dean in overseeing the activities and overall needs of the Cathedral parish and community. Annual meetings of all parish members in good standing are held in the Autumn and as often as deemed necessary. The Cathedral abides by the Uniform Constitution of the Parishes and the ByLaws of the Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America, Inc 


The Cathedral maintains regular daily office hours under the direction of the dean and Advisory Board. Administrative Assistant, Audra Sullivan.


Paul Nasson,  Jason Green, Piro Fani, sub-deacon, Readers: Robert Ngjela. Acolytes: Nicholas Savage, Richard Savage, Frederick Gjerazi, Efthim Butka, Nicholas Pelari, Nicholas Gjerazi, Johan Opari, Antonio Simeon, Theodore Nikollara, Christopher Savage, Stephen Bresse, Joseph Bresse, Nicholas Romano 


In the Albanian Orthodox tradition, the involvement of laity in worship services is perpetuated through active participation in liturgical prayer.

CHOIR. William Spiro, Director. Samed Halilov, organist. Virginia Anastas,  Constance Cotto, Anthony Nasson, Cynthia Vasil Brown, Todor Stoinov, David Spiro, Organists, Louise Joseph, Agron Gjerazi and Ann Powers (weddings)

Dita Katsis, President, Anna Peters, Anastasia Spiro, Barbara Joseph, Helen George, Irene Dhosi, Robert Ngjela, Van Kosta, Christie Sotiros, Shirley Kotelly, Sarah Byrne-Martelli, Guri Stefani  

Established by Professor Thomas Nasse in 1912, the Cathedral Choir leads the congregation in choral singing throughout the holy lenten and festal seasons in addition to Sunday worship. In 1970, a recording entitled: "MESHA SHQIP: Liturgical Hymns of the Albanian Orthodox Church" was released. Hymnology is rendered in both English and Albanian and includes both byzantine and western music of the Orthodox repertory.


Lynn Phillips, Director, Linda Tochka, co-director, Corinne Bresse, Kristin Savage, Michelle Nasson, Stephanie Callahan, Doreen Romano, Alexis Tochka Tase, Cynthia Theodos.  

Since 1954, the Cathedral's Sunday School program was organized under Dr. Andrew Elia and later under Dr. Thomas Michael, the program now includes regular classes for youngsters in teaching rudiments of the faith, scripture, sacraments and liturgy. Standard materials from the Orthodox Christian Education Commission and the OCA Dept of Religious Education are employed. In addition, field trips to monasteries, museums and teen retreats are held as well as special teen outings and summer camps in cooperation with area dioceses.

The George Atwater Scholar Award honors the memory of the Director who had served for many decades in guiding and overseeing the Cathedral's Church School.  The award is presented to senior students of the Sunday School and Acolyte Programs who have shown exceptional work in class and consistent attendance during the course of the program.


WOMENS AUXILIARY: Daughters of St. George: Sue Toli, President, Helen Pano, advisor,  Irene Dhosi, co-secretary, Barbara Joseph, co-secretary Loretta Athanase, treasurer

Now in its 80th Year, the veteran Ladies organization meets monthly to orchestrate a diverse round of activities for the parish. Memorial Saturday luncheons are hosted at traditional times, in addition to an Autumnal Harvest Bazaar, a Christmas Shoppe, a Spring Flower Fair, Winter Bake Sales, Mid-Lenten Repast, Memorial Wheat (Grure) preparation and Summer Excursions. The Daughters assist in church beautification & restoration project and provide religious education materials for the catechetical programs.


USHERS & PANGARI.  George Simollaris, Jeremiah Hanlon, Peter Blushi, Dennis Dhimitri, Ronald Nasson, Paul Pando, Vasil George, George Legor, Peter Toli, Ron Bresse, William Noun, Matthew Sotir, Thomas Evangelou

The ushering staff maintains the candle desk, supervises offertories and the orderly conduct of religious services throughout the ecclesiastical year. They oversee religious processions, fire drills, parking issues and maintain parish safety.


ETHNIC RESOURCES: Library & Archive

Neka Doko, Archivist
Consulants: Prof.  Nicholas Pano, Prof. Gregory Pano

An extensive library and archive are maintained by the Cathedral in adjacent quarters housed in the Archbishop Fan Noli Collection which the Harvard Encyclopedia of Ethnic Groups has called: "the finest repository of Albanology in the western hemisphere." Use of the collection is made by appointment with the Chancery Office and contains books, newspapers magazines, photographs, documentaries and memorabilia.

Currently, a digitalization project is underway and a website and facebook page is being prepared.


ACCULTURATION / Interpreter Services

Ilda O'Brien, Knida Stefani 

In meeting the needs of new arrivals from abroad, the Cathedral staff of volunteers assist with interpreter services, job placements, apartment locales, resume preparation, public school and medical forms and in facilitating adjustment to society and to the city.


RELIGIOUS BOOK STORE AND ETHNIC SHOPPE.  Elizabeth Matthews and Sue Toli, Managers. A wide variety of religious books, shrines and select jewelry are available, in addition to ethnic literature and specialty items.


HOSPITALITY Virginia Blushi

Following church services, a Coffee Hour Reception is held in the Fellowship Hall for all attendees, visitors and guests. In addition, seasonal luncheons and memorial repasts are conducted and catered on the premises for all special occasions.


Albanian Humanitarian Aid Committee. Joseph DeNatale, Chairman

The Cathedral maintains an active charitable witness in support of numerous faith-based as well as non-sectarian groups which assist the needy both locally and abroad.

Requests for the translation of documents an varied literature into Albanian are handled through the church office, which maintains a list of qualified bilingual translators.


Stewardship Advisors: Cynthia Vasil Brown, Lauren Toli, Ronald Nasson, Matthew Santangelo 

Financial support for the numerous programs of the Cathedral & Archdiocese are supervised by the Advisory Board which conducts several seasonal appeals throughout the year in addition to serving as custodians of fiscal resources. Information is available for those who wish to include the Cathedral in testaments, wills or in the offering of securities to enhance church growth.


National Historic Register.  Denise Lymperis, Advisor 

Saint George Cathedral is an important architectural edifice which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well being recognized by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, Historic Boston, Inc and The Bostonian Society. Every effort is made by the congregation to treasure its importance as a singular feature of the city's heritage.


Quarterly: "The Banner" Denise Lymperis, Kristine Kotelly

A Weekly Bulletin is distributed each Sunday which reports the various activities of the Cathedral community. In additon an occasional publication serves as a link in providing an update of church matters that includes religious edification, parishioners' observations, archdiocesan concerns and reports of the general meeting of the parish membership.



Naum Prendo, Shuajip "Sam" Muca, Virginia Blushi, Robert Ngjela

Keeping the facilities in good order and repairs is conducted weekly and periodically as needed to maintain the church holdings



The Cathedral administers property adjacent to the east and west of the church edifice. Rental inquries are handled through Greater Boston Properties, Inc.