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BOOKSTORE - Saint George Cathedral
523 East Broadway, South Boston,MA 02127
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We have a wide assortment of Orthodox Church Books, dictionaries in English and Albanian, as well as icons, shrines and ethnic gifts. Write or email for items of interest.

Specials at Our Bookstore
Open after Liturgy on Sundays

Place an order. Make check payable to: St. George Cathedral [ put "church store" in memo] and mail to: SGCathedral, 523 East Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127. To have it mailed to you, please add 20% of order for S & H.

CD: MESHA SHQIP: Choral Masterpieces by the Albanian Orthodox Cathedral Choir of Boston. Selections from the Divine Liturgy, Good Friday & Holy Pascha services. $10.

Jeta e Fan Nolit
Recently published 2-volume set of biography of Archbishop Fan Stylian Noli.
In Albanian, with chronology in English. Many photos & bibliography.
$50 per set.

Icon bracelet $10

Baseball cap $15

Albanian Cookbook $30

The Best of Albanian Cooking $30

Orthodox Study Bible $34

Orthodoxy for the Non-Orthodox  $10
by John Garvey

Becoming Orthodox:
A Journey to the Ancient Christan Faith
by Peter Gillquist      $15

Resurrection of the Church in Albania
A highly readable coffee-table sized album is replete with 440 color photos portraying the resurgence of the Orthodox Church in Albania. Written & complied by Lynette Hoppe. 270 pages. $30.

We also have a wide assortment of books in English and Albanian, on Orthodoxy, Albanian language as well as ethnic "T" and sweatshirts, license plates, decals, keychains & bumper stickers and baptismal and wedding candles. A new assortment of Home Icons are in and may also be ordered on request. Note: 0ur exclusive items - once they're gone, they become heirlooms.

Albanian Eagle "T" Shirts: $12 [ S/M/L/XL ] $15: [XXL]
Sweatshirts: $20 [ S/M/L/XL ] $24 [XXL]
Albanian Tote Bags: $12
Licence Plate: $10
Albanian Flag Pin: $5

Limited Edition:
Albanian Xmas Stocking [hand woven in Maine]: $10

New imported select & unusual "Mini" items that just arrived -
Ideal & Unique special gift item or stocking stuffer

Triptych Icon for your Automobile ($6)
3" x 6" with adhesive backing.

Dyptich Icon: hinged ($20)
5" x 10 " when opened

Mini Icon Shrine ($5)
3" x 4" Wood with metal icon

Birch Wood Boxes ($10 round/$11 oval)
2" x 2"

T-Shirt [$12] Sweatshirt [$20]
( small/medium/large/XL)
Baseball Cap [$10] Apron [$20]

[$15 & $20]

hand carved [$60]
plastic seals [$25]

Liturgical Books in English
The New Testament  translated by Metropolitan Fan S. Noli    $ 50.
    Based on the approved text of the Church of Constantinople
    and the Church of Greece.
The Poet of Nazareth  by Metropolitan Fan S. Noli    112 pages     $ 20.
    [Revised version of the Gospel of St. Matthew, with a rhythmical translation
      of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ]    
    Hard cloth bound in burgundy cover with gold embossed cross.
The Psalms  by Metropolitan Fan S. Noli     202 pages     $ 25.
   [Metrical English version translated from the original Hebrew
    diligently compared with the Greek Septuagint and other translations ]
   Hard cloth bound in burgundy cover with gold embossed cross.
Orthodox Prayer Book    696 pages   $ 40.
   Hard bound in black cover
Epistle Lectionary of the Eastern Orthodox Church   $ 50.
Gospel Lectionary of the Eastern Orthodox Church   $ 50.
In Albanian ~ ne Shqip:
KREMTORE e Kishes Orthodokse. perkthim prej Imzot Fan Noli  
         817 faqe     $40.
 permban Lutesorja dhe tete tingujt, kremtet e shenjtoreve dhe festat
 e cdo muaj te vitit, Doksollogjia e Flamurit, lutje te ndryshme.
TRIODI DHE PESEDHJETORJA  e perktheu Imzot Fan Stylian Noli
        396 faqe      $40.
permban kendimet dhe leximet fetare te cdo jave te kreshmes se madhe,
te Pashkes se Shenjte gjer ne kohen e Rushajeve.
URATORE e Kishes Orthodokse.   e perktheu Imzot Fan S. Noli
        600 faqe     $ 40.
permban meshet dhe cdo sherbese prifteror e nevojshem

Please add 20% of order for S&H
Send order and check payable to:
St. George Cathedral
523 East Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127