100th Anniversary

Letters of Greeting and photos of our Centennial Events of March and September 2008.
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Greetings from His Grace, Bishop NIKON
(PDF) click here

Letter from the Holy Synod of the Church in America
(Microsoft Word) click here

Letter from Archbishop Anastasios
Primate, Orthodox Church of Albania (JPEG) click here

Letter from President George W. Bush
(PDF) click here

Mesaxh i Presidentit i Republikes se Shqiperise
Dr. Bamir Topi (PDF) click here

Letter from Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust
President of Harvard University (PDF) click here

Falenderim per Medalin Naim Frasheri dhe
Medalin Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeu
(Microsoft Word) click here

From a TV broadcast of the Voice of America, aired in Albania on Monday, Sept 29:

Photos of our Cententenial Events of September 27-28, 2008"
Courtesy of Bujar Veseli, Fr. Michael Soter, George Peters, Bill Brett,
Fuat Memelli and Fr. Sergei Bouteneff
more will be added as they arrive

Below are photographs from our March 9th Events: